The OEAGM 2010 will be held in Zwettl, a town in the heart of the Waldviertel region, famous for the local beer and one of the world oldest Cistercian monasteries. Zwettl can be reached by ÖBB (Franz-Josefs-Bahn, approx. 2.5 hours to Vienna), by bus service from Vienna and Linz and (easiest) by car. The conference will most probably be held at Schwarz-Alm Seminar hotel, located about 1.5 km outside of Zwettl

The workshop will be held at the

Schwarz-Alm Seminar Hotel

Schwarz Alm Seminar Hotel Zwettl Waldviertel Workshop location


  • Vienna 125 km
  • Graz 320 km
  • Linz 115 km
  • Prague 210 km
  • Ljubljana 500 kmVenue to Zwettl OEAGM Waldviertel 2010