CTIC 2008



Registration, due until 01.08.2009, is arranged in two steps

(1) paying the registration fee of 330,00 Euro followed by
(2) sending an email with all necessary information
(optional, for people requiring a visa) receive invitation letter - see below

Please remember that at least one author must register for each paper and give the presentation at the workshop!


Registration fee

The registration fee is 330,00 Euro per person and includes:

* Participation to the workshop
* Accomodation (2 days + 2 nights) with breakfast, lunch and dinner included
* Printed proceedings with ISBN
* CD with all papers (in proceedings and not in proceedings)
* Social events
* Transport by bus from Vienna to the workshop.

  • The bus will bring the participants the 28th evening - to the airport around 18h, and to Vienna around 18.45h.-.


If you need to spend some nights in Vienna, we recomend you the Hotel Johann Strauss.

Transfer the amout of 330,00 Euro to the following bank account using the following details:

* Title/information: "CTIC09 your_name paper_id(if any)"
* Additional transfer costs (if any) supported by the payer (not the receiver) i.e. the amount that "enters" our account is 330,00 Euro
(For those inside the EU, "Internal Market Order / EU-Binnenauftrag" is probably the best option).
* Recipient/Receiver: Verein PRIP Club, Favoritenstr. 9/1832, A-1040 Vienna
* IBAN: AT881200051260366001, BIC/SWIFT: BKAUATWW
* Account number: 51260366001, BLZ: 12000
* Bank name: Bank Austria

Registration email

After transfering the registration fee send us an email to with the following information:

Subject: Registration
Your firstname:
Your lastname:
With whom would you like to share your room (name 2 people)?
Your first roommate:
Your second roommate:
Arrival date and time to Vienna:
Departure date and time from Vienna:

We will try to take into accout your wishes concerning the room distribution, but we cannot guarantee to satisfy everybodies desires.

Official Invitation Letter

We can provide official invitation letters to authors of accepted papers. This can be done only after the registration process is completed (i.e. we have also received the payment).