All Past Events Events which have already happened. daily 1 2007-03-15T15:40:52Z Practical Work Presentations No publisher yll Praktika Presentation 2011-08-08T14:08:27Z Event Developing a Stochastic Fiber tracking Application for Dif usion Weighted Images No publisher yll Praktika Presentation 2011-08-08T13:48:30Z Event Guest Lecture Horst Bunke: Advances in Structural Pattern Recognition SS2011: Basic Methodology and Recent Developments in Structural Pattern Recognition No publisher goebel Lecture 2011-06-07T09:44:06Z Event Abschlusspräsentation Praktikum aus Computergraphik und digitaler Bildverarbeitung *Automatic classification of the dignity of soft-tissue lesions using “Dynamic Contrast Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging” (DCE-MRI)* No publisher andyl Praktika Presentation 2011-05-31T11:23:05Z Event Diplomanden-/ Dissertantenseminar 183.293, 183.304, SS2011 Termin: 03.05.2011 - 16:00 Uhr Ort: No publisher artner Presentation 2011-05-02T19:23:49Z Event Pawel Dlotko: Brainstorm of ideas, what we can do in the near future. Abstract: In this talk I am going to present a number of new ideas somewhere in between topology and pattern recognition. Among others, I will be talking about patterns in multidimensional data, topological idea in object tracking, applications of cohomology generators in avoiding obstacles and the common ideas between rectangular CW complexes and irregular graph pyramids. I hope the talk will trigger out a long discussion and some paper and common application of PRIP and Kraków group for some common project. No publisher andyl Presentation 2011-03-02T11:43:33Z Event Cristian Smochina: Microscopic image processing techniques and segmentation evaluation The presentation contains two parts. In the first part a quality measure for evaluating the performance of segmentation algorithms is presented. This discrepancy method is based on object-by-object comparison of a segmented image (machine segmentation) versus ground-truth segmentation (reference image). The error measure takes into consideration the interior of the object and eliminates the inconveniences that appear in the case of the concave objects. A weighted shape fitting score is used: the score of the segmented contour is enhanced by a factor which indicates the similarity between these two curves. The second part contains automatic segmentation techniques for detecting cell nuclei in images taken from tissues with colon carcinoma. The region growing method is used to obtain accurate background detection. New approaches are proposed to detect the separation areas between clustered/touching cell nuclei. These regions are validated based on their link with the background. The watershed segmentation algorithm followed by a merging criterion is used to completely delimit the nuclei boundaries. No publisher csmochina Presentation 2011-02-10T15:35:44Z Event Hubert Wagner: Efficient Computation of Persistent Homology for Cubical Data Abstract of the related paper: In this paper we present an efficient framework for computation of persistent homology of cubical data in arbitrary dimensions. An existing algorithm using simplicial complexes is adapted to the setting of cubical complexes. The proposed approach enables efficient application of persistent homology in domains where the data is naturally given in a cubical form. By avoiding triangulation of the data, we significantly reduce the size of the complex. We also present a data-structure designed to compactly store and quickly manipulate cubical complexes. By means of numerical experiments, we show high speed and memory efficiency of our approach. We compare our framework to other available implementations, showing its superiority. Finally, we report persistent homology results for selected 3D and 4D data sets. No publisher andyl Presentation 2011-02-08T11:59:49Z Event A metric approach to shape comparison via multidimensional persistence. by Patrizio Frosini University of Bologna No publisher mueller 2010-12-15T10:23:41Z Event DiplDiss Dieses Seminar bietet ein Forum für Diskussion über die Arbeit von Diplomanden und Dissertanten und die Möglichkeit zum Austausch von Ideen und Neuigkeiten unter den Studierenden. No publisher artner Presentation 2010-11-03T13:33:34Z Event PRIP Day Wir laden interessierte Studierende ein uns am PRIP Day, Mi 6.10.2010 (10:00 - 12:00, 14:00 - 16:00), zu besuchen und mehr über unsere Gruppe und die angebotenen Lehrveranstaltungen zu erfahren. No publisher artner Tag der offenen Tür 2010-10-04T11:24:11Z Event Interactive Hierarchical Segmentation on Irregular Image Pyramids Msc Thesis Specification Talk No publisher yll Master Thesis Presentation 2010-09-20T11:09:53Z Event Robust Image Segmentation using Irregular Pyramids Praktikum Talk No publisher yll Praktika Presentation 2010-09-20T09:31:40Z Event Object recognition and reconstruction in presence of noise No publisher yll Presentation 2010-06-17T10:40:28Z Event Contributions to the study of problems relating to recognition and retrieval of forms from data collection (M. Gaianu) No publisher Miachel Gaianu Phd Thesis Presentation 2010-05-18T10:33:16Z Event