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2009-ftf-technical.jpgErald Vuçini, Daniel Patel, Meister Eduar Gröller. Enhancing Visualization with Real-Time Frequency based Transfer Functions. In Proceedings of IS&T/SPIE Conference on Visualization and Data Analysis, 7868(78680L):1-12, January 2011, San Francisco, USA. [paper] video]Conference Paper
Hubert Wagner, Chao Chen, Erald Vuçini. Efficient Computation of Persistent Homology for Cubical Data. In Proceedings of the 4th Workshop on Topology-based Methods in Data Analysis and Visualization (to appear), 2011. [paper]Conference Paper
phdthesis.jpgErald Vuçini. On Visualization and Reconstruction from Non-uniform Point Sets. Vienna University of Technology, October 2009. [thesis]PhD Thesis
ev09.jpgErald Vuçini, Torsten Möller, Meister Eduard Gröller. On Visualization and Reconstruction from Non-Uniform Point Sets using B-splines. Computer Graphics Forum, 28(3):1007-1014, June 2009 (2nd Best Paper Award in EuroVis 2009). [paper]Journal Paper with Conference Talk
Jasper van de Gronde and Erald Vuçini: Compressed Sensing Overview. Technical Report, Vienna University of Technology, December 2008. [paper]Technical Report
2008-cgi.jpgErald Vuçini, Torsten Möller, Meister Eduard Gröller. Efficient Reconstruction from Non-uniform Point Sets. The Visual Computer, 24(7-9):555-563, July 2008. [paper] Journal Paper with Conference Talk
2007-wscg.jpgErald Vuçini, Muhittin Gökmen, Meister Eduard Gröller. Face Recognition under Varying Illumination. In 15th WSCG, pages 57-64, January 2007. [paper] Conference Paper
2006-msc-thesis.jpgFace Recognition under Varying Illumination. Istanbul Technical University, Turkey, June 2006. [thesis] Master Thesis
MSES: Mobile Stock Exchange Service. Yildiz Technical University, Turkey, June 2004. [thesis]Bachelor Thesis