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More about me - Research

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Adrian ION

  adrian ion adrian ionadrian ion
adrian ionadrian ion

I am a postdoctoral researcher affiliated with PRIP and IST Austria.

This (click to download) is a more recent CV.

My research experience includes:

  • low and mid-level image segmentation
  • (structured-) model based tracking
  • object recognition
  • eccentricity (shape) transform and shape matching (topic of my PhD thesis)
  • (hierarchical) computation of topological invariants
  • hierarchical combinatorial representations

My current research focuses on structured models (learning and inference) for computer vision tasks.

Recent results from this line of work include the state-of-the-art image segmentation method FGTiling [ICS, ICCV 2011], and a statistical model for joint segmentation and labeling JSL [ICS, NIPS 2011], which was a winning entry (named "BONN_FGT_SEGM") of the Pascal VOC 2011 Semantic Segmentation Challenge. Below are two images labeled by JSL using FGTiling to sample segmentations.

2008_001418.jpg  2010_000239.jpg

My master thesis was on photorealistic rendering (Monte Carlo Path Tracing).
During my high-school and student times I had a passion for programming problems.