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AVITRACK - Aircraft surroundings, categorised Vehicles and Individuals Tracking for apRon's Activity model interpretation and ChecK

An international team of researchers, led by SILOGIC and with support from the European Union was developing a framework for automatically supervision of commercial aircraft servicing operations from the arrival to the departure on an airport's apron. Main objectives were simulation of the apron's activity in a numerical model, scene understanding, tracking of every identified action and therefore improvement of safety and security (by detection of abnormal behaviour). A prototype was going to be implemented during the project on Toulouse airport.

This project was performed in cooperation with:

* SILOGIC (France)
* University of Reading, Computer Vision Group (United Kingdom)
* Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et Automatique - INRIA (France)
* Aeroport de Toulouse (France)
* Fedespace (France)
* Euro-Inter (France)
* IKT System Partner AS (Norway)
* TEKEVER (Portugal)
* ARC Seibersdorf Research GmbH, Video & Safety Technology Group (Austria)

Find more information on this project under http://www.avitrack.net/

Project details

  • Funding: EU Project
  • Project number: AST-CT-2003-502818
  • Duration: 2004/03/01 – 2006/02/28
  • Contact person: Martin Kampel
  • Involved people: Philipp Blauensteiner
  • Involved extern: Josep Aguilera