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Hierarchies of Plane Graphs for the Acquisition, Analysis and Visualization of Geographic Information

courtesy of BOKU Vienna.

The project (funded by the FWF under grant P14462) is a collaboration of the

Land cover maps are derived from satellite images by dual graph contraction. The purpose is to determine structural parameters for the obtained landscape elements, to interpret these parameters as ecological indices and biodiversity indicators, and to model spatially the habitat - species abundance relationships.


See the Methods page here


The main results of the project are complied into an End of Project Report.

We organized a workshop "Landscape Ecology, Remote Sensing and Graph Theory" within the 16th International Conference "Informatics for Environmental Protection" on September 25-27th 2002 in Vienna (~60 paricipants) and the 7th Computer Vision Winter Workshop on February 4-7th 2002 in Bad Ausee (~50 participants).

An interview on 18.10.2004 for the ORF "Willkommen Oestereich" has been given and also a Report has been published in the ORF Universum Magazine Number 11, November 2004 in order to disseminate the work performed within the project.

A software library is made internationally public as free software under GNU Public License (GPL ) as a part of VxL - C++ libraries for computer vision research and implementation. A software package has been developed for the segmentation of remotely sensed images (see the master thesis of G. Kaiser)

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