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This page contains software relevant for the Cognitive Vision project. This software was created by PRIP, or by another group with which PRIP is collaborating (or a combination).

MST Pyramid segmentation (binaries for Windows and Linux)

Yll Haxhimusa and Walter G. Kropatsch. Hierarchy of Partitions with Dual Graph Contraction. In B. Milaelis and G. Krell, editors, Proceedings of 25th DAGM Symposium, pages 338-345, Germany, 2003. LNCS 2781.

Yll Haxhimusa, Adrian Ion, and Walter G. Kropatsch. Evaluating graph-based segmentation algorithms. In Proceedings of the International Conference on Pattern Recognition, Hong Kong, 20-24 August 2006.

COMA combinatorial map library + documentation + tools (CD image)

Thomas Illetschko, Adrian Ion, Yll Haxhimusa, and Walter G. Kropatsch. Collapsing 3D Combinatorial Maps. In Proceedings of the 30th OEAGM Workshop, Obergurgl, Austria, 1-3 March 2006.