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PRIPMemberPage Julian Stöttinger, University of Trento
Folder Julian Stöttinger
File oagm-CFP3.pdf
Image BMWF.gif
Image LAND_Niederoestereich.jpg
File cvcap_ffmpeg.cpp
Document Available Features
FeEval Features available for download
File Scale Invariant Dissociated Dipoles
In this paper we investigate the use of dissociated information to represent image structures in a scale invariant way. Our contribution consists in an ...
Image FeEval Video 1 overview
Overview of Video 1 transformations
Document Download FeEval
Download FeEval - Database for Evaluation of spatio-temporal local features - via ftp
Image 1-scalerot-3.jpg
Image 1-scalerot-4.jpg
Image 1-scalerot-7.jpg
Image scalerote.png
Image 1-scalerot-6.jpg
Image 1.png
Image 1.jpg
Image 1-scalerot-5.jpg
Image 1-scalerot-1.jpg
Image 1-scalerot-2.jpg
Image Screen shot 2010-01-26 at 16.56.20.png
Image 1-scalerot-5.jpg
File Homography for FeEval objects 1-10, 23-26
File estimate homography MATLAB source function
function H = estimate_homography(origin_x, origin_y, rotation, scale) % FeEval help function for challenge scale and rotation % generates homography ...
Document Homography Scale and Rotation
Homography estimation for challenge "scale and rotation". Matlab function source download.
Image 27.jpg
Image 14.jpg
Image 1.jpg
Document FeEval - A dataset for evaluation of spatio-temporal local features
FeEval consists of 1710 videos based on 30 originals. The videos are from a great variety of different sources, including HDTV shows, 1080p HD movies and ...
Folder FeEval
A video dataset for evaluation of local spatio-temporal features. Provides data for repeatbaility and matching experiments following Mikolajczyk et al. 2004