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We cordially welcome submissions on the conference’s main issue, as we plan a dedicated session to these topics. Further topics relate to all aspects covered ...
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Vision or Reality? Computer Technology and Science in Art, Cultural Heritage, Entertainment and Education.
Folder OEAGM 2010
34th annual workshop of the Austrian Association for Pattern Recognition (AAPR) Computer Vision in a Global Society Zwettl, Waldviertel, Austria May 27 – ...
File OCG journal Artikel 2/08 PRIP Preis 2007 Vorstellung Julian Stöttinger Markus Diem
einseitige Artikel der beiden Preise
File OCG journal Artikel PRIP Preis 2006 Maria Vill
OCG Journal 5/06 Artikel über die Preisverleihung des PRIP Preises. Gruppenfoto Jury und Gewinner
File OCG journal Artikel PRIP Preis 2007 Julian Stöttinger Markus Diem
OCG Journal 1/08 Artikel über die Preisverleihung des PRIP Preises. Gruppenfoto Jury und Gewinner
Image PRIPpreis-logo-100x53.jpg
Folder DiplDiss
Diplomanden-/ Dissertantenseminar
Document Michael Reiter
Kernel CCA and Applications in Computer Vision
Document Maria Vill
Analysis of stroke endings
Document Rene Donner
Sparse MRF Appearance Models for Fast Anatomical Structure Localisation
Document Paraschos Zeimpekos
Object recognition and classification in images with bag of keypoints using SIFT, color and texture features
Document Lech Szumilas
Radial Edge Configuration for Semi-local Image Structure Description
Document Julian Stöttinger
More Distinct Colour Features for Image Retrieval
Document Ali Haider
Windows Detection in 2D and 3D Scenes for Geodetic Frameworks
Document Christian Kotz
Contentbased Internet Coin Image Retrieval
Document Andreas Müller
A Combination of Shape from Structured Light and Stereo Vision
Document Adrian Ion
The Eccentricity Transform: furthest distance in a general framework.
Document Martin Lettner
Document Image Analysis for Ancient Documents
File Presentation PRIP Preis 2007
The winning presentation
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File CVWW07 bibtex
File ICIP07 bibtex
File Do Colour Interest Points Improve Image Retrieval?
In image retrieval scenarios, many methods use interest point detection at an early stage to find regions in which descriptors are calculated. Finding salient ...
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File Colour Interest Points for Image Retrieval
J. Stöttinger, N. Sebe, T. Gevers and A. Hanbury, Proceedings of the 12th Computer Vision Winter Workshop (CVWW'07), St. Lambrecht, Austria.