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FAQ: Help for the daily use of the PRIP Library


  • Can I read books at your library permises? Yes, please see the opening times
  • Can I borough a book from the PRIP library? In general No, unless you can bring us a letter from your supervisor where she/he guarantees for you.
  • Can I make copies of books at your library? Not whole books/journals/proceedings. Although you can copy couple of pages (approx. 10 pages)
  • Can I scan books at your library? Yes, please bring with you an USB stick.

Books & CDs:

  • I am looking for a book in the library? See http://www.prip.tuwien.ac.at/library or the printed list in the library
  • I found the book, I would like to borrow it?  The instructions for borrowing a book are printed in a couple of visible places in the library.
  • I would like PRIP to buy a book for the library? Contact priplib at tuwien dot ac dot at
  • I know a good book that the PRIP library does not have yet? Please contact priplib at tuwien dot ac dot at
  • I have a book (from a project, present, etc.) that I would like to register in the PRIP library? Contact priplib at tuwien dot ac dot at
  • I was on a conference and got a proceedings CD? Send the cd/dvd to the sysadmin (copy CD), after that priplib at tuwien dot ac dot at (bib entry)

Technical Reports:

  • I wrote a new technical report (TR)? Send an email at priptr at prip.tuwien.ac.at
  • I would need a hardcopy of a TR but there are none left in the library? Contact priptr at prip.tuwien.ac.at

Other (organization, feeback):

  • I have questions regarding the organization of the room in which the library is? contact secretary
  • I have feedback, ideas, or would like to give a helping hand for the PRIP library? Please sent them to priplib at tuwien dot ac dot at