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Double Diplom TUWien - INSA Lyon


Vienna University of Technology in Austria and National Institute of Aplied Science in Lyon, France offers for all students a chance to study at both universities in an integrated program. You study 5 years, spent some time in Vienna and Lyon and at the end you get two degrees from both universities.

For more information on the study program see the Doppeldiplom INSA-Lyon / TU-Wien.

Closing date for the application: 15th of March

Walter G. Kropatsch - Vienna University of Technology, Austria

Christian Wolf - INSA Lyon, France

After you have decided about this double diplom program please fill
Double Diplom Registration Form, and bring it to Walter G. Kropatsch.

Closing date for the application: 15th of March

Please contact Aussenintitut for the formal handling of your application.