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Spherical Wavelets - A new tool for 3D shape representation

Praktikums-Abschlussvortrag Ernst Schwartz

  • Presentation
When Nov 28, 2008
from 02:00 pm to 03:00 pm
Where Sem 183/2
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Wavelets are a common tool for the analysis of signals in one or two
dimensions. Extending those ndings to be used in a three-dimensional
setting has proven more dicult. This report is concerned with a recent
promising approach to wavelet analysis in 3 dimensions on genus-0
objects, the so-called spherical wavelets. Using examples from the eld
of medical imaging, the concepts underlying their construction are
introduced and their usefullness for a variety of applications is
demonstrated. Further, an overview of publicly available toolboxes is
given and an evaluation comparing the capabilities of spherical
wavelets to dierent shape modelling approaches is performed.
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