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Tracking with Structure (N. Artner)

  • Phd Thesis Presentation
When May 18, 2010
from 04:00 pm to 04:10 pm
Where Seminarraum 183/2
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Structural representations are still relatively unexplored for the tracking task. This is quite surprising considering that structure is an important invariant and could improve the tracking performance. This talk is about the two main topics of my work: (1) how to represent structure and (2) how to extract the structure of an object of interest out of a video. The representation of structure is realized with the help of graphs and was inspired by the work in pictorial structures (Pedro F. Felzenszwalb) and mass spring systems (used for animation in computer graphics). The spatial relationships of features describing the object are encoded in a so-called spring system and enforced during tracking by energy minimization. The structure of a scene (separate foreground from background, find rigid parts of articulated objects) is extracted by analyzing the movement of features in a video sequence and grouping them based on the similarity of their movement. The grouping process is done in an irregular graph pyramid, which results in a decomposition of the scene into its rigid parts, where each part is represented by a vertex in the top level of the pyramid.
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