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Image Understanding Laboratory Course (LU) 183.051

1st Meeting

A presentation of the laboratoury course will be 12.10.2010 in the PacMan Lab (Favoritenstrasse 1st Floor) at 12.00

When is the deadline for the projects?

The deadline is the 16th of January 2011. On this day you should hand in your report as well as your running code.
The interim presentations are on the November 16th at 12.00 c.t. Here you should present your work plan and progress. This first laboratory session has compulsory attendance for all (Anwesenheitspflicht).
The final presentations and software demonstrations are on the 18th of January 2010 at 12.00 c.t.

Time To do
12.10.2010 1st Meeting
15.11.2010 23:59 Dead line for internim hand in
16.11.2010 Interim Presentation
16.01.2011 23:59 Dead line for final hand in
18.01.2011 Final Presentation

I want to see the project descriptions again.
See the list of  projects in 2009. The new list will be announced.
How does the laboratory course function?

The first laboratory session is compulsory. At this session, a list of projects will be presented. Each person makes a list of three projects that he/she would like to do. Based on these choices, each person is assigned to a group of four people. The group must then work on the project and present the results in the form of a written report, an oral presentation and a demonstration of the software.
The report and code must be sent by e-mail on the deadline date. The final presentation and software presentation is in the first laboratory session after the deadline date. This session has compulsory attendance for all. Four weeks after the start, each group must also do a short interim presentation, where the solution ideas, work plan, task assignments and any preliminary results are presented. The laboratory session at which the interim presentations are to be given is compulsory.

Where and when does the laboratory course take place?
PacMan-LAB (Favoritenstraße 9, Stiege 1, 1. Stock). The tutor is present on Tuesdays between 12.00 and 14.00. The Lab can be used outside these times (when available). It is not compulsory to attend all laboratory sessions. Only three sessions are compulsory, the first one when the projects are assigned, the session at which the interim presentations are made and the one after the deadline date when the final presentations and demonstrations are done.
How should you organise the work?
It is important that you divide up the task between members of the group. Find out what the group members' abilities are and take advantage of these. Appoint a group member as manager or coordinator. Have regular meetings to coordinate the work. Set deadlines within the group for the various parts of the work to be finished.
How should the project be handed in?
The project solution code can be written in Matlab, Java or C/C++, but Matlab is preferred. The accompanying reports must be in the form of a pdf document. All reports and code must be uploaded in TUWEL on or before the specified due date. Each group will also have to do an oral presentation of their results and a demonstration of the software.
How are the final marks calculated?
The final mark is based on the reports handed in and on the oral presentation, as well as the rating by group members of each other.
Is it possible to register for ONLY the lectures (VO)?


Summary of what have to be done

  • Attend the first meeting, and create a group
  • Submit a PDF document (internim hand-in) explaining the preliminary work on the project
  • Interim presentation
  • Final hand in: report about the problem specification, solution chosen, results and disscusion, conclusion etc.
  • Final Presentation