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Image Understanding Links

Extensions to the Lectures
The Joy of Visual Perception A web-book about the human visual system.
Visionary A dictionary of terminology in vision research
Oatmeal Box Pinhole Photography How to make a pinhole camera using common or garden household items.
Snakes Demo Java Applet illustrating Snakes.
Computer Vision Homepage Plenty of links on computer vision.
CVonline Computer Vision Online Compendium containing many articles on various computer vision subjects.
sci.image.processing Usenet Newsgroup about image processing and computer vision
Matlab Primer Quick introduction to Matlab (PDF Document, ~260K).
Getting Started Official Manual about the basics of Matlab (PDF Document, ~1.3M).
Using Matlab Comprehensive Manual on Matlab (PDF Document, ~4M).
Image Processing Toolbox Manual on the Image Processing Toolbox (PDF Document, ~19M)
Matlab Homepage Homepage of the software company Mathworks Inc.
comp.soft-sys.matlab Usenet Newsgroup on Matlab.
Miscellaneous Information
Reading PDF Documents How to read documents in Portable Document Format.
SELFHTML Writing your own HTML code.
Matlab & Emacs About Matlab Mode in the Emacs-Editor
Example .emacs file This Emacs initialisation file can be placed in your home directory.