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Introduction to Pattern Recognition

UE 186.840
For schedule & exams see TISS
Lecturer: Jiri Hladuvka
Introduction (Vorbesprechung): 01.10.2018, EI 10 Fritz Paschke HS

Aim of course

The aim of this exercise is to deppen the understanding of the theory on patter recognition taught in the related lecture (186.844). Problems in pattern recognition should be solve single-handed with the help of the software system MATLAB.

Subject of course

Feature extraction, basics of probability theory (conditional probabilities, marginal distributions, independence, covariance matrices, etc.), Bayes theorem, simple classifiers (kNN, nearest neighbor, persceptron, etc.), ...


For students registered in TISS a TUWEL course provides assigments, the slides of the related lecture (186.844), additional material, etc.

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