In the course of the EVA Vienna 2008 we will host five workshops. The attandance at Workshop 1 is for free. Workshop 2 is part of the conference and needs conference (or all inclusive) registration. Extra workshop registration or all inclusive registration is mandatory for Workshop 3-5. For fees and registration see Registration page.

Workshop 1

Quality, Acccessibility and Usability of Cultural Websites
(MINERVA EC Workshop) - Monday, August 25, 2008.

The attandance at this workshop is for free.

Preliminary workshop program (pdf)
Minerva EC webpage

Workshop 2

Coin Recognition Session
organized by: Pattern Recognition and Image Processing Group, Institute of Computer Aided Automation, Vienna University of Technology, A-1040 Vienna.
This workshop will be held as session of the EVA2008 conference and can only be visited after preceding conference registration.

The purpose of the Coin Recognition Workshop 2008 is to bring together experts from both image based sciences and numismatics for a series of presentations and demos covering the current frontiers of applying computer vision technology to ancient coin recognition. It is an excellent opportunity to share work and ideas with others (webpage).

Workshop 3

"Know Your Users - Use Personas" - User-centered Information Design for Museum Applications and Multimedia Tools
organized by: Arbeitsbereich Usability Engineering, Fachrichtung 5.6 Informationswissenschaft, Universität des Saarlandes, Campus Saarbrücken, 66041 Saarbrücken
Extra workshop registration or all inclusive registration is mandatory.

Orientation towards visitors' needs and the goal to improve their museum experience are important issues for both traditional and virtual museums. To achieve these goals, museums can use data from marketing and visitor studies to identify specific target groups and their requirements. The crucial question is how to translate these data or their experience into concepts that can be made "actionable" for information design. The workshop introduces the concept of personas as a solution to this problem. Personas are archetypical user representations in information design based on quantitative and/or qualitative data. In this way, typical user needs and goals are identified and can be used for user representations which stand for (stereo)typical requirements during the information design process and lead to a user-oriented product.

Workshop 4

"Mediaval Watermarks and Databases"
organized by: Zentrum Mittelalterforschung, Kommission für Schrift- und Buchwesen des Mittelalters, Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften, Wohllebengasse 12-14, A-1040 Wien
Extra workshop registration or all inclusive registration is mandatory.

Everybody knows watermarks as a safety feature in modern banknotes, but who recollects that watermarks were invented by South European papermakers in the 13th century? From the very beginning they were used as trademarks and cachets in handmade papers. The workshop intends to show different methods of paper/watermark research to support scientists and conservators to increase the knowledge about our cultural heritage. The tutorial includes information about medieval papermaking, the different techniques of imaging and analysing watermarks, as well as remarks on web-databases and methods of dating medieval manuscripts.

Workshop 5

eXhibition:editor3D (Hands-on Workshop)

organized by: Institute of Information Systems & Information Management, JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft mbH, Steyrergasse 17, A-8010 Graz, AUSTRIA
Extra workshop registration or all inclusive registration is mandatory.

Design - Present - Educate - and forget about the technical stuff

eXhibition:editor3D allows you to:

Introducing eXhibition:editor3D
A workshop with a new and innovative tool to create three-dimensional virtual exhibitions. Experience the power and possibilities of the software during an introductory presentation and a hands-on session. The developers will show how easy it is to create a 3D room with objects and images.

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