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Second Workshop on Serious Games in Cultural Heritage (SeGaCH)

3D Knowledge Technologies for Cultural Heritage Applications 


Information for Workshop Proposals

Submission deadline for workshop proposals: April 7, 2009  April 28, 2009
Notification of acceptance: June 3, 2009

Proposals for workshops are welcome. Workshops are intended to provide a discussion forum of a specific topic between an international group of researchers. Each workshop should have at least 5 paper presentations. There is the option that all papers of a workshop will go through the normal review process or they are published in the Book of Abstracts (without peer reviewing).

Workshop topics include themes of Computer Technology and Science in Art, Cultural Heritage, Entertainment and Education (see list of topics).

Proposals for workshops should include the following information:

  • Title of the workshop
  • Name, affiliation, e-mail address and a brief introduction of the proposer(s), explaining his/her qualifications
  • Information on the scope not exceeding 100 words
  • Names, contact information, and a short bio of at least three workshop chairs
  • A list of authors already contacted or to be contacted
  • The option of peer review or inclusion in the Book of Abstracts

Please submit your workshop proposal directly to the workshop chairs:

Workshop papers or abstracts should be submitted using our paper submission system. The deadline for workshop papers will in principle be the same as for main-track papers (April 7, 2009  April 28, 2009) and the deadline for workshop abstracts will be the June 30, 2009. The Workshop organizer should include title and authors in their proposals as well as a list of reviewers.

In the case of workshops with full papers the list of papers accepted for a workshop should be sent to the Workshops Chair before June 3, 2009. The final acceptance of a workshop will be based on the quality of these papers, the coherence of the workshop and degree to which a broad audience is addressed.