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3D Knowledge Technologies for CH Applications

Although 3D content is becoming predominant in Cultural Heritage and Archaeology and great
progress has been achieved, the involvement of cultural institutions in 3D digitization and 3D
content management is still limited.
The main interest of the CH and Archaeology community focuses on the organization and
presentation of 3D objects to virtual visitors and the development of educational and training
application scenarios for connecting real and virtual artefacts.
Semantic Web technologies and standards are widely known and used in this domain, however
not commonly used for 3D media. Managing collections of 3D objects is at an early stage and
there is significant debate about whether the approaches adopted for digital libraries are suitable
also for this kind of digital content. Most repositories have a content-based organization
however the use of 3D knowledge technologies can provide effective semantic-based
organization and efficient searching capabilities.
This workshop targets at the scientific community working in the field of 3D graphics and
knowledge technologies and aims to bring together researchers, 3D content creators/users and
CH professionals. Its’ objective is also to establish a scientific forum for exchanging and
disseminating novel ideas and techniques, and trace future research and technological directions
in the emerging and highly multi-disciplinary research field of Semantic 3D Media.

This workshop is organized and sponsored by the EU FP7 ICT project FOCUS K3D ( and supported by the Archaeology & Cultural Heritage Application Working Group of FOCUS K3D.

Workshop topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Knowledge management and semantic 3D media
  • 3D Data Capture and Processing in Cultural Heritage
  • Data Management and Archiving in 3D repositories
  • Formalization and representation of shape semantics
  • Search and retrieval of 3D objects
  • 3D media ontologies
  • Virtual Heritage and 3D Museum Environments
  • Virtual Reality applications in Archaeology
  • Applications in cultural heritage and conservation policies
  • Digital Libraries and 3D content


  • Manolis Vavalis, CERETETH, Greece
  • Michela Spagnuolo, CNR - IMATI, Italy
  • Marios Pitikakis, CERETETH, Greece

Paper submissions/presentations

Accepted papers will be presented at the workshop. Demonstrations of applications and systems are also welcome. Papers should be submitted directly to Marios Pitikakis not later than July 15, 2009 (Deadline already extended).

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