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Accepted Papers

Accepted papers as papers.pdf

Oral Presentation

Please note that the time allocated to each oral presentation will be 15 minutes plus 5 minutes discussion. Powerpoint or Acrobat PDF slides for presentation on a LCD video projector are recommended for your talk. The presentation room will be equipped with the following items:

Any other equipment, such as a PAL or NTSC VHS player, must be requested by email to at least one week before the conference date.

We recommend that presenters bring their presentation files in a format compatible with one of the above applications, and stored in a CD-ROM, DVD or a USB thumb drive. Alternatively, they can use their own notebook computer. If you choose to use your own notebook computer, we recommend that you bring the presentation in a CD-ROM or a USB thumb drive as well.

Please see your chairman 10min before the session starts and test your computer with the beamer or hand the electronic file to the operator who will put it onto our laptop.

Presentation time is critical, to achieve appropriate timing, organize your slides or viewgraphs around the points you intend to make, using no more than one slide per minute. A reasonable strategy is to allocate about 2 minutes per slide when there are equations or important key points to make, and one minute per slide when the content is less complex. Slides attract and hold attention, and reinforce what you say - provided you keep them simple and easy to read.

Poster Guidelines

Poster sessions are a good medium for authors to present papers and meet with interested attendees for in-depth technical discussions. In addition, attendees find the poster sessions a good way to sample many papers in parallel sessions. Thus it is important that you display your message clearly and noticeably to attract people who might have an interest in your paper. Your poster should therefore cover the key points of your work. It need not, and should not, attempt to include all the details, you can describe them in person to people who are interested. The ideal poster is designed to attract attention, provide a brief overview of your work, and initiate discussion. You may bring additional battery-operated audio or visual aids to enhance your presentation.

All posters for the first poster session should be mounted on Monday, Aug. 27th, 2007 morning in the foyer of the lecture room at the provided space (please see your paper number in the program to find the appropriate poster space). Please remember to take down the posters of the first session until the lunch break of the second day of the conference in order to provide the place for the second poster session. The suggested poster size is A0 (841mm (width) x 1189mm (height)). If possible, please print your poster on a single sheet of thick paper as complete poster. Tape and pins will be provided at the conference to mount posters on the boards.

A short plenary poster presentation in the conference lecture room is in each case before the poster session itself. Please provide additionally a maximum of two Powerpoint or PDF transparencies (one slide for the title, authors, ... and one for the paper overview) for the plenary poster presentation by Aug. 25th, 2007 electronically to so that we can put them consecutively into one presentation in order to keep time limits. Please put only the highlights of your poster as a teaser onto the transparency! Remember: you will have only one minute to present your poster oral in this plenary poster session so we can allow only a maximum of TWO slides to present the title and the highlights of your paper.

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