Instructions to Authors
Authors who wish to transfer the final version of their paper should follow the instructions below:


  • Papers not longer than ten pages including figures and references
  • PDF is the preferred format, Postscript submission is also possible

Please download the LaTeX and word sample files. Authors are asked to follow these templates exactly.

Paper Publication
All accepted papers will be published as a technical report of the Pattern Recognition and Image Processing Group, and as such, they will be also available on the web.
Additionally every participant receives one printed copy of the proceedings.

Electronic Transfer of the Final Paper
The name of the file containing your submission must have the following format:
where "xxx" is the first author's last name
and "ext" is the extension depending on which file format you use.

PDF (e.g. "xxx.pdf") is the preferred format, Postscript submission (e.g. "" or "") is also possible. Please note that all Postscript-files must be compressed by either compress, gzip or winzip. Do not send uncompressed Postscript-files.

Please send us your file by uploading it via FTP:

      [anonymous ftp, i.e.: 
       Name: ftp 
       Password:  ] 

      cd cvww02/incoming

      put xxx.ext 


Or you can send us your files by attaching them to an email to
In that case the subject of your email should be first author's last name.

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