Smart Systems


Login for the first time. 

  • You will receive an email informing you that you have been invited as a Reviewer
  • Follow the instructions in the e-mail to accept being a reviewer for CVWW09
  • To get the password for your account, go to the CMT website
  • Click on "Reset your password" and follow the on-line instructions (same e-mail address as before).
  • An email of "CMT Password Assistance" is sent to you.
  • Go to the link as stated in the email in order to create your login password.
  • After successfully creating your password, go to to login using the newly created password. 

Subsequent logins - reviewing

  1. Login to using the previously created account;
  2. Select your role as "Reviewer" (top left, below CVWW logo),
    will take you to the "Reviewer Console";
  3. Click "Paper Reviews and Discussions" (center left),
    will take you to "Paper Reviews and Discussions";
    • to download a paper: click the download.gif icon on the right of the paper id;
    • to view/add/delete your review: click view/add/delete in the "Review" column;
    • to review the papers offline: click "Review papers offline" at the top.