Conference Program


Workshop proceedings will be publis hed as a special volume of the "OCG Schriftenreihe" at R.Oldenbourg, Vienna. The proceedings will be available at the Workshop.

Best Paper Award

An award funded by AAPR will be given to the best paper by a young researcher.

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Thursday, 25 May 2000
09:00 09:30
Opening: Helmut Manzenreiter, Major of Villach
09:30 10:45
Guest Speaker:Pierre Boulanger
Multi-sensors fusion system for the automatic creation of virtual reality scene graph of real environments
10:45 11:00
Coffee Break
Session 1: 3D Acquisition and Calibration
11:00 11:20
Martin Kampel and Srdan Tosovic
Turntable Calibration for automatic 3d-Reconstruction
11:20 11:40
Christian Eitzinger
Calibration of Optical Measurement Systems Using Invariants
11:40 12:00
Janne Haverinen
A 3D Scanner Capturing Range and Color: Design and Calibration
12:00 12:20
Giovanna Sansoni, Matteo Carocci, and Roberto Rodella
Phase coded profilometry based on frequency mixing
12:20 12:40
Danijel Skocaj and Ales Leonardis
Obtaining High Dynamic Scale Radiance Maps by Varying Illumination Intensity
12:20 12:40
Session 2: 3D Modelling and Posters
14:30 14:50
Josef Scharinger
Watermark Generation for 3D Imaging
14:50 15:10
Axel Pinz
Automatic 3D extraction of visual landmarks in a room
15:10 15:30
Vít Zykla and Radim Sára
Polynocular Image Set Consistency for Local Model Verification
15:30 15:50
Short Talks:
Heinz Mayer and Peter Werth
An Automatic Positioning System for BRDF Measurements of Rough Surfaces
Peter Werth, Stefan Scherer
Direct Subpixel Stereo Matching by Deconvolution of Image Translations
Martin Lindermaier, Wilfried Kubinger, Markus Vincze 
On performance evaluation of image comparison algorithms for video surveillance applications
Georg Fischer, Ernst Schuster
3D-Visualization of Spatial Distributions of EEG-Signals by "Axon"
15:50 16:10
16:10 16:30
Coffee Break
Session 3: Robust Vision
16:30 16:50
Horst Bischof, Ales Leonardis
Recovery of Eigenimages from Responses of Local Filter Banks
16:50 17:10
Thomas Melzer and Michael Reiter
Parametric Stereo Eigenspaces
17:10 17:30
Simon Kurincic and Ales Leonardis
Robust Approach to Calibration-Free Augmented Reality
17:30 19:00
Plenary Session ÖAGM
Conference Dinner

Friday, 26 May 2000

Session 4: Machine Vision
09:00 09:20
Markus Brandner, Axel Pinz, Wolfgang Pölzleitner
A concept for real-time, robust pattern matching
09:20 09:40
Arno Zaworka, Stefan Scherer
Machine Vision Driven Real-time Black Jack Analysis
09:40 10:00
Michael Nestler, Harald Ganster, Axel Pinz, Georg Brasseur
Defect detection for real-time quality grading of apples
10:00 10:20
Christian Wolf, Jean-Michel Jolion, Horst Bischof
Histograms for Texture based Image Retrieval
10:20 10:40
M. Zillich, M. Vincze, M. Ayromlou, D. Legenstein
A Framework for Model-based Vision for Robotics (V4R)
10:40 11:00
Coffee Break
Session 5: Graph-based Modelling and Airborn Vision
11:00 11:20
Mark Burge
Efficient Feature Computation for Run Graphs
11:20 11:40
R. Glantz and W.G. Kropatsch
Parallel Relinking of Graph Pyramids
11:40 12:00
Regine Bolter and Franz Leberl
Shape-from-Shadow Building Reconstruction from Multiple View SAR Images
12:00 12:20
Jürgen Scheiber
Automatic Identification of Position, Motion, and Development of Thundercloud Cells and Weather Fronts
12:20 12:40
15:00 (optional)
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