O.Univ.Prof. Dr. Walter G. Kropatsch


  Lectures (V) and lab exercises (U) are given in hours per week per semester, e.g. 1 hour corresponds to approx. 15 hours per semester and 1.5 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System).
since 2009 "Open Problems in Computer Vision", (2VU, lecture within PhD School of Informatics).
since 2015 "Pattern Recognition", (2VU) 50 students, inverted class room model.
since 2015 "Image Understanding", (2VU) inverted class room model.
since 2008 "Structural Pattern Recognition", (2V,2U).
since 2012 "Introduction in Digital Image Processing", (2U), 100 students.
since 2003 "Advanced Chapters of Pattern Recognition", (2VU);
since 2003 "Advanced Chapters of Image Processing", (2VU).
[2em] Education within Master/Diploma (4 semesters) and Bachelor (6 semesters) studies within Computer Science at Vienna University of Technology:
2003-2011 "Foundations of Digital Image Processing", (2V,2U), 200 students;
1992-2006 "Introduction to Programming", (5AU); a semi-automatic new computer system to manage the lab exercises of 600-1000 students in 1st semester has been developped;
1991-2002 Diploma studies within Computer Science at Vienna University of Technology (10 semesters):
"Introduction to Pattern Recognition",(1VU); approx. 300 students in 5th semester
"Foundations of Digital Image Analysis" (3V,2U);
"Advanced Chapters of Pattern Recognition and Image Processing", (2V);
1991-1994  "Programming Image Processing Systems", (1V,4U);
Since 1990 Seminar and Proseminar in Computer Science, (2); new concepts of miniconference and student-reviewing introduced.
1989 / 1990 "Foundations of Digital Image Analysis", invited lecture at Univ. Innsbruck.
1988 Seminar "Picture Pyramids for Image Analysis - Recent Issues" at Univ. of Washington in Seattle, invited by Prof. R.M.Haralick.
1987 / 1988 "Foundations of Digital Image Analysis", lecture at TU Graz.
1986 / 1987 Seminar in Computer Science "Intelligent Analysis of Digital Images" at TU Graz.
1985 / 1986 "Introduction to LISP", lecture at TU Graz.
1980 - 1989 Directing research of diploma students at TU Graz.