O.Univ.Prof. Dr. Walter G. Kropatsch

Study Trips and Stays Abroad

May 2023 Prague, CZ, invited by Vaclav Hlavac.
Apr.2022 Sevilla, E, invited by EU project.
Apr.2010 Sevilla, Malaga, E, VACOP project, HOVACOP workshop.
Mar.2007 Poitiers, F, invited Prof. at SIC.
July 2006 Purdue Univ., USA, visit and presentations, invited by Zygmunt Pizlo.
June 2006 Toronto, Can, visit and presentations, invited by Sven Dickinson.
May 2006 Poitiers, F, visit and presentations, invited by Pascal Lienhardt.
Mar.2006 Poitiers, F, PhD defense D. Arrivault.
Nov.2005 Groningen, NL, invited talk: 'Hierarchies relating Topology and Geometry'.
Nov.2004 Prag, CZ, invited talk: 'Hierarchies relating Topology and Geometry'.
Aug.2004 Guilford, Surrey, GB, invited talk: 'Grouping and Segmentation in a hierarchy of graphs'.
Mar.2004 Innsbruck, A, invited talk: 'Mustererkennung und Bildverarbeitung - ein faszinierendes Fachgebiet mit grossen Zukunftschancen'.
Dec.2002 Venedig, I, invited talk: 'How to Construct and Optimize Graph Pyramids?'.
Mar-Aug.2001 Sabbatical in France: at LERI, Reims, Luc Brun, seminar; at SIC, Poitiers, Pascal Lienhardt, Yves bertrand, Eric Andres, seminar; at LABRI, Bordeaux, Achille Braquelaire, seminar; INSA Lyon, Jean-Michel Jolion, seminar.
May 2000 Lyon, F, ERASMUS intensive programme, presentation.
Sept.1999 Bangalore, India, IAPR Executive meeting, participation as IAPR-treasurer.
June 1999 Villach, A, visit and presentation at Fachhochschule.
Apr.1999 Prague, CZ, CEEPUS Teacher's exchange.
Apr.1998 Univ. of Surrey at Guilford, GB, ERASMUS Teacher's exchange.
Feb.1998 Haifa, Israel, Review of Minerva's F. Ollendorf center.
July 1997 Seattle, USA, visit and presentation on invitation by Prof. Robert M. Haralick.
April 1997 Karlsruhe, G, visit and presentation on invitation by Prof. Kulisch.
Jan.1997 Innsbruck, A, Guest professor, lecture.
Nov.1995 Montpellier, F, visit and presentation invited by Profs. Ehoud Ahronovitz and Michel Habib.
Sept.1995 Paderborn, G, visit and presentation invited by Prof. G. Hartmann.
Mar-Aug.95 Sabbatical at ENS Lyon, F, Prof. Annick Montanvert, seminar.
July 1995 CREATIS-INSA Lyon, F, visit and presentation, Prof. I. Magnin.
June 1995 LIFIA Grenoble, F, visit and presentation, Prof. J. Crowley.
June 1995 INRIA-ORION Sophia Antipolis, F, visit and presentation invited by Dr. Monique Thonnat.
May 1995 TIMC Grenoble, F, visit.
April 1995 seminar at INSA-Lyon, F, invited by Prof. J.-M. Jolion.
Feb. 1995 Heidelberg, G, visit and seminar at Interdisziplinäres Zentrum für wissenschaftliches Rechnen, University Heidelberg, invited by Prof.B.Jähne.
July 1994 Zürich, CH, visit at ETH Zürich invited by Prof. Kübler, presentation.
June 1994 Amsterdem, NL, visit and presentation at the University of Amsterdam.
April 1994 Grenoble, F, ERASMUS intensive programme, presentation.
Feb. 1994 Palermo, I, visit and presentations at the University of Palermo on invitation by Prof. Di Gesu.
June 1993 Holmdel, NJ, visit and presentation at AT&T, Bell Labs.
Feb. 1993 Grenoble, France: ERASMUS teacher's exchange, presentation.
May 1991 Moscow, USSR, visit at Academy of Sciences in Lvov, in Nishny Novgorod, and in Moscow, on invitation by Academy of Sciences.
June 1990 College Park, MD, visit at CfAR.
Dec. 1989 Stuttgart, G, visit at FhG-IPA, invited by Dr. Rueff, presentation.
April 1989 Pittsburg, PE, visit at CMU on invitation of Prof. D. McKeown, presentation.
April 1989 College Park, MD, visit at CfAR as part of a cooperation project.
Feb. 1988 Budapest, Hungary, Computer and Automation Institute, visit.
Nov. 1987 Konstanz, G, visit of Transfer Center Konstanz, Bilddatenverarbeitung, Prof. Massen.
Oct. 1987 Moscow, USSR, Consulting.
Nov. 1986 Budapest, Hungary, Central Research Instituts for Physics, presentation: Recent Projects and Activities at the Institute for Image Processing and Computer Graphics.
Dec. 1985 Ottawa, Canada: invited Seminar at Canada Centre for Remote Sensing, two presentations:
  a) Expert System + Computer Vision = Expert Vision System?
  b) Curves in Square Grid Pyramids.
1984 - 1985 Research Associate (sabbatical) at the University of Maryland, Center for Automation Research, on invitation by Prof. A. Rosenfeld.
1981 ITC, Enscheede, Netherlands.
1981 Study trip through the US with presentation in Vicksburg.