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My Name

Is derived from the name of first known Illyrian King, Hylli (Hyllus) (? - 1225 BC). Hyllus is known in Greek mithology as a son of Gaia (Earth), from whom the river Hyllus in Lydia in Asia Minor has derived his ancient name. Hyllus was also known as a son of Heracles and Deianira, and husband of Ioie. A family of spiders is known to have the name hyllos as well.
In the modern Albanian my name means "star". Yll is pronounced as [yl]. Y is pronounced like über in German or tu in French and LL is pronounced like in ball in English. .
The Chinese and Japanese ideogram of my name looks
asian star

My Birthcountry

I'm an ethnic Albanian. Here you can find some information of my birthcountry, Kosova.

My Country

I'm also an Austrian (and yes, we do NOT have Kangaroos in Austria). Have a look of some beautifull sites in Austria.


Except my mother language (Albanian), I speak, read and write in German, English, Croatian, Bosnian, and Serbian (cyrilic alphabet). I'm learning French.


I'm a big fan of science fiction and phantasy books and of jazz music. I love basketball and water sports.
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