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Graph Theory

Basic notion that we use form graph theory are compiled in this document. Or a more detailed presentation is given in the Graph Theory [graphs] book of Reihardt Diestel.

Graph Pyramid

A short introduction of the pyramid and graph pyramid concepts are compiled in this document.

Solving Approximatily TSP by Pyramid Models

The main idea of using pyramid models in solving the TSP is that they allow the solving (approximately) of global optimization tasks without performing a global search. Some pyramid models are listet below.

Graph Pyramid Solution of Travelling Salesman Problem

This model uses the well established irregluar graph pyramid concept to solve approximatily the TSP. For more details see >>

A Foveating Pyramid Model of Travelling Salesman Problem

This model has an adaptive spatial structure, and it simulates visual acuity and visual attention. Specifically, the model solves the E-TSP problem sequentially by moving attention from city to city, the same way human subjects do. For more details see >>

Graph Theory

Basic Concepts

Pyramids and
Graph Pyramids


Travelling Salesman Problem

Graph Pyramid Model
Foveating Pyramid Model

Graph-based Image Segmentation

Graph Pyramid Segementation


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