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The Demostration of the MST Pyramid Solution of the E-TSP

The animation shows the process of solving a 50-city E-TSP problem by the foveating bisection pyramid model. In this case the model produced an optimal tour. In the demo, the parts of the tour that are shown in green correspond to the highest spatial resolution. So the green appears first around the point from which the model starts solving the problem. The other parts of the tour have different shades of gray: The lighter the gray, the coarser the resolution. In the regions where the spatial resolution of the problem representation is coarse, the tour connects centers of gravity of cities rather than individual cities. As the fovea gets closer to a given cluster, the cluster gets subdivided into smaller clusters, and the tour is modified so as to go through the centers of gravity of the new clusters.

You need Macro Media flash plugin to be able to see the animation.

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