Before starting...

In order to be able to read our work some preliminary knowledge of graph theory is assumed. Basic notion that we use form graph theory are compiled in this document. Or a more detailed presentation is given in the Graph Theory [] book of Reihardt Diestel.


Graph Pyramids:

Hierarchical Spring Systems
Compositional Representation

Extraction of object structure

A method was developed to automatically extract the structure (parts and joints) of objects (articulated, but also rigid). For details click here: Extraction of Object Structure


MST Segmentation

Human Evaluation of Human Segmentation: With the help of a questionnaire we evaluated how good humans and computer vision methods segment images [].

Eccentricity transform

The Eccentricity transform (ECC) of a shape assigns to each point the length of the shortest geodesics to the points farthest away from it. For details click here: Eccentricity transform

Travelling Sales Man Problem

Approximating TSP Solution by MST based Graph Pyramid: The algorithm can be found in the paper [] submitted in the International Workshop on Graph-based Representation for Pattern Recognition, Alicante, Spain, 2007. A short demo (~2Mb) to show the steps of the graph-based pyramid algorithm to solve the travelling salesman problem. First the bottom-up simplification of the input is given, afterward the trivial solution for the 3-city problem, and finally the top-down refinemnt of this solution.

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