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15th International Conference on Virtual Systems and Multimedia VSMM 2009
Vienna, Austria, September 9-12, 2009


Vision or Reality? Computer Technology and Science in Art, Cultural Heritage, Entertainment and Education


VSMM 2009 is now over. Thank you all for your participation!

Conference Chairs: Robert Sablatnig and Martin Kampel

 VSMM 2009 group picture at the Gloriette, Schoenbrunn



VSMM Best Presentation AwardVSMM2009_135.jpg

Kathi Martin and Hyeong-Seok Ko

Virtual Historic Costume across Cultures and Disciplines




VSMM Best Paper AwardVSMM2009_133.jpg

N. Brändle, T. Matyus, M. Brunnhuber, G. Hesina, H. Neuschmied, and M. Rosner:

Realistic Interactive Pedestrian Simulation and Visualization for Virtual 3D Environments




IAPR Best Student Paper AwardVSMM2009_132.jpg

Karol Kwiatek, Martin Woolner

Embedding Interactive Storytelling within Still and Video Panoramas for Cultural Heritage Sites