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PRIP Dialog

PRIP Dialog is an irregular meeting for the members to present the current research results in the lab. It takes place on Tuesdays at 13:00 in "Besprechungsraum" (5th floor).


Next Dialogs:

23.9.2021, 13:30,
Seminar Room
Omar Ismail
Luca Boccia
Carmine Napolano
Carmine Carratù
Head Tracking and Gesture Recognition using Infrared-ToF sensors
Irregular Image Pyramids with Contraction Kernel Grammars
Data structures for implicitly encoded n-Gmap-based pyramids
Distance transforms on Gmaps
29.9.2020, 13:00Aron IngruberReproduction of Embroidery Templates (Prakticum talk) JH 20+10
25.9.2020, 10:30Sebastian HaushoferLicense Plate Type Recognition (DA progress talk) JH 20+10
16.9.2020, 13:00Aysylu GabdulkhakovaFrom circles to ellipses: distance fields of the generalized conics (PhD talk) KRW 20+30
25.2.2020, 13:00Sebastian HaushoferUnderstanding licence plate recognition with deep learning (Project end talk) JH 30+15
25.2.2020, 13:00Jakob BleierÄhnlichkeit von Bildern KRW 15+15
12.2.2020(Mi), 10:00 in Sem.186 Omar IsmailGraph Complexity based on Simplicial Complex Dimensionality.KRW30+15
17.12.2019, 13:00Antonello ScaldaferriAn algorithm based on distance transform to identify, in under-segmented images, points where different patches merge.KRW30+15
17.12.2019, 13:45Darshan BataviaDiscuss issues to mention in project proposal 20
14.11.2019, 13:00Dr. Radu Mariescu-IstodorLearn how machine learning works to recognize objects in an image.
24.9.2019, 14:30Verena RennerFinding badly segmented OCT scans by feature extraction and curve fittingJH20+10
15:00Sebastian HaushoferUnderstanding licence plate recognition with deep learingJH15+5
15:20Antonello Scaldaferri'TBD'KRW10+5
28.5.2019, 14:00Bernhard Langer(Superpixel-) Segmentation and Grouping(BV 2019)KRW45+30
22.5.2019(Mi), 16:00Omar IsmailVision and Perception (BV 2019)KRW45+30
21.5.2019, 14:30Lea AichnerObject detection in images and videos with YOLO (AKBV 2019)KRW30+15
13:15Majid BanaeyanTopological artificial intelligenceKRW45+30
14.5.2019, 13:45Maximilian LangerElliptical Line Voronoi Skeletons on the GPUKRW30+15
13:00Matthias RauscherInterpreting learned activation functions(BA)KRW30+15
30.4.2019, 13:30Vaibhav MehrotraProgress report KRW20+10
19.3.2019, 13:00Verena Renner, Benedikt FuchsBachelor theses (introduction)JH, KRW20+10
12.3.2019, 13:00Darshan Batavia, Aysylu Gabdulkhakova, Slajcho LevelteDGCI test talk, Progress report of PhD thesis, Combinatorial pyramid vs. Laplacian pyramid KRW20+5, 20+5 ,
26.2.2019, 13:00Mostafa Rouzbahani, PhD candidatepresentation KRW20+5
4.2.2019, 14:00Darshan BataviaCVWW practice talk KRW20+5
29.1.2019, 14:00Anna Sebernegg, Vaibhav MehrotraObject recognition for 2D baggage screening, Semantic segmentation of SAR images KRW30+15, 20+10
14.1.2019(Mo!), 14:00Michael König, Omar Ismail, Burak BaltaliQuality Assessment of Color Fundus, Fluorescein Angiography and OCT ImagesKRW30+30
16.10.2018Francesco Coppola, Luca CalifanoMaster thesis topicsMario Vento, KRW30+15
20.7.2018Rupert Schaffarz"Object detection and classification from LIDAR pointclouds"KRW30+15
05.7.2018Gautier Maufoy"Unraveled Skeleton Shape Representation"KRW
26.6.2018Stefan Sietzen"ConvNets visualisation"WK15+15
19.6.2018Darshan Batavia"Eulerian Video Magnification"KRW15+15
24.4.2018Anna Sebernegg"Object recognition for baggage screening"(BA start)KRW30+15
Majid Banaeyan"360° vision-based navigation with multiple cameras"(PhD restart)KRW30+15
20.3.2018Aysylu Gabdulkhakova"Confocal Elliptical Fields"KRW15+30
19.12.2017Anna Gostler"Tracking Golden-Collared Manakins in the Wild"Niki30+30
10.10.2017Daniel Pucher, Max Langer, Philipp Halbrainer"Lipizzan Project Presentations"WK60
11.7.2017Rupert Schaffarz"SLAM - Simultaneous location and mapping"WK30
04.7.2017Majid Banaeyan"Pyramid pattern code for camera calibration"WK10+20
13.6.2017Gülüzar Cit"LBP-Pyramid"WK45+15
9.5.2017Daniel Pucher"News from the Lipizzans"WK45+15
25.4.2017Geetha Ramachandran"2D shape and scene recognition and multiview synthesis" (PhD)WK30+20
17.1.2017Pablo Balduz Lopez"Walk a line drawing" (BA)Ivan Viola20+10
Tomas MusilTopic of diploma thesisWK, NA30
20.12.2016Adam Papp"Train Detection and tracking in OTDR Signals" (test talk for defense)WK20+20
15.11.2016Tomas Musil"Combining Images and/or Video of Multiple Mobil Devices" First ideas and discussion (Praktikum aus Visual Computing)WK+NA10+20
18.10.2016Majid BanaeyanWell-known Multi-camera SpecificationsWK15+20
11.10.2016Michael MazurekFeature Detectors for 3D Reconstruction. Final presentation of Computer Vision and Patter Recognition Seminar.WK, NA30
04.10.2016Majid Banaeyangraph coding for camera calibrationWK20+30
27.09.2016Philipp Omenitsch Dipl.AFace recognition in unconstrained video streams.WK20+30
Bird-Watching: a discussion about how to track the choreography of dancing brids in the jungle45
28.06.2016Paweł Dłotko, INRIA Saclay15:00 - 16:00 Applied and computational topology.45+15
01.06.2016CVPR Seminar (Attention: will be held in seminar room 183/2)Test presentationsWK, NA90
26.04.2016Markus KesslerIntroduction (Bachelor thesis)WK, NA10+20
21.04.2016Majid BanaeyanIndiecam Proposal WK15+30
12.04.2016Carmine SansoneWorm tracking WK30+15
MaReFa project meetingWK45
5.04.2016 IndieCam; DGCI 2017; MaReFa AntragWK10+60
22.02.2016Adam PappLocalization and Tracking of Trains in Optical Time-Domain Reflectometry (OTDR) Signals WK30+15
25.01.2016Jasmine MalinaoOn Building Multidimensional Workflow Models for Complex Systems ModellingWK45+15
18.01.2016Kresimir MatkovicInteractive Visual Analysis of Multi-Parameter Scientific Data45+30
30.11.2015Martin CermanCategorizing the Topological Image Landscape with Local Binary Patterns (Epilog PV)WK10+30
19.10.2015Julian PegoraroBachelor: LipizzanerWK30+15
Harald ScheidlRobust LBP-PyramidWK30+15
12.10.2015Nicole ArtnerSummary of FWF info event30 + 10
5.10.2015Prof.Xiaoyi Jiang, Münster"Research@CVPR group Münster"40+20
28.09.2015Martin Cerman"Structurally Correct Image Segmentation using Local Binary Patterns and the Combinatorial Pyramid"(Diplomarbeit)WK20+40
02.07.2015Jan Stria"Automated Perception and Robotic Manipulation of Clothes"
After the talk there will be a discussion about possible future cooperation on the research topics described in MaReFa proposal.
13:00 - 17:00
22.06.2015Martin CermanStructurally Correct Image Segmentation using Local Binary Patterns and the Combinatorial PyramidWK40+20
18.05.2015Philipp KniefaczSmooth and Iteratively Restore: A Simple and Fast Edge-preserving Smoothing Model (test talk OeAGM)WK20+40
27.04.2015Ines JanuschReeb Graphs Through Local Binary Patterns (test talk GbR)WK15+30
Simon BrennerVorstellung Tracking-Problemstellung (Diplomarbeit)Ivan Viola10+15

Sumit Kaushik, TBU, Zlín, CZ

Multi-Scale Segmentation: An application for shape parameter extraction and potential use of MRFWalter45+15
GroupMeeting about "Digibook"-Projekt30

Tomas Musil, Wood Group

14 - 14:30 Introduction of Tomas and his bachelor topic + discussion; 14:30 - 15:00 Discussion about bachelor topic of "Kompetenzzentrum Holz";Walter, Niki1h

Vitaliy Kurlin, Durham University, UK

15:00 - 16:00 A homologically persistent skeleton in computer vision1h

Patrick Valdellon

Präsentation Themenvorschlag Praktikum (Master)Walter, Nicole45

Matej Bartalsky

Discussion about possible bachelor topic and mentoring at PRIP-30
GroupMeeting about "Digibook"-Projekt30
02.02.2015Ines JanuschNovel Concepts for Recognition and Representation of Structure in Spatio-Temporal Classes of Images (CVWW poster test)WK15
Michael SprinzlTowards Segmentation of Human Teeth Contours in Dental Radiographs Using Active Shape Models (CVWW test talk)WK20+15
26.01.2015Patrick ValdellonDiplomarbeitsbesprechung30
GroupMeeting about "Digibook"-Projekt60
15.12.2014Walter Kropatsch, Michael Sprinzl, Antoine Vacavant, Abder-Rahman Ali, Manuel Grand-BrochierWTZ meeting (presentations: Medical Image Processing)-14:00 - 17:00
24.11.2014Ines Januschtest talk EpilogWK15+30
17.11.2014Dear BoutrosQuestions about PhD at PRIP30
10.11.2014GroupMeeting about "Lipizzaner"-Projekt60
03.11.2014GroupMeeting about "Digibook"-Projekt60
27.10.2014Samuel de SousaBook page rectifier; presentation of current status and things to be adressed30
20.10.2014Allphoto decision - PRIP photo shoot30
06.10.2014AllPRIP photo shoot30
15.09.2014Ines JanuschTopological Image Analysis and (Normalised) Representations for Plant Phenotyping (CTIC test talk)WK20+5
18.08.2014Aysylu GabdulkhakovaVideo analysis of a snooker game based on kinematic modelWK20+5
Aysylu GabdulkhakovaThe use of image data in the assessment of equine conformation - limitations and solutionsWK15+5
18.08.2014Ines JanuschRepresenting Roots on the Basis of Reeb Graphs in Plant Phenotyping (CVPPP test talk)WK15+5
23.06.2014Daria MalkovaClassification of Endoscopy Images with Persistent Homology 30+15
16.06.2014Jasmine Malinao

On Building Formal Models and Pattern Mining for Fault Detection and Diagnosis in Cooling Systems

26.05.2014Ines JanuschReeb graph based image representation for phenotyping of plants (Diplomprüfung, test talk)WK15+30
Barbara KonecznyIntroduction to group and first ideas for MasterthesisNA30
Walter Kropatschnew LBP ideas, report from trip to Sevilla ?
10.03.2014TEAM[:]nielPrototyp Test for face recognition 45+15
Marco AugustinYH15+5
20.01.2014Ines JanuschReeb graph based examination of root development (CVWW poster test)WK10+20
02.12.2013Nicole ArtnerTest talk for Rigorosum: Tracking Multiple Related Targets in VideosWK45 + 30
26.11.2013Tadamasa SawadaHuman and Computer Vision 30 +15
11.11.2013Wolfgang BuschRecent Research Results on the Plant Phenotyping 15+15
09.09.2013Thomas Druml”New phenotyping” in Lipizzan horses (Discussion of new proposal) 30+30
01.07.2013Ines JanuschExamination of root development by means of topological persistence in image analysis (Praktikum, final report)WK20+5

Johannes Riedmann

Discussion about possible bachelor topic and mentoring at PRIP.-30
10.06.2013Peter Filzmoser and Andrei StaskevichDiscussion for Diploma Thesis Proposal-30
03.06.2013Fuensanta TorresMIDES with Combinatorial Maps 15+5
Nicole ArtnerWTZ/PHC proposal, Travels to Le Puy in France 2014 - 2015-30
17.05.2013Robert ReinerConvex Hull with Graph Pyramids-10
13.05.2013Roman Bazylevych and Lubov BazylevychThe methodology and algorithms for solving the very large-scale physical design automation problems: partitioning, packaging, placement and routing-15+5
Roman KutelmakhThe algorithms for solving the very large-scale TSP-15+5
Bohdan KuzThe parallel "ring" algorithm for solving the very large-scale TSP-15+5
06.05.2013Samuel de SousaOn the Evaluation of Graph Centrality for Shape Matching (GbR test talk)WK15+5
Samuel de SousaEstimation of Distribution Algorithm for the Max-Cut Problem (GbR test talk)WK15+5

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