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Current Projects

Water's Gateway to Heaven

Duration: 2020/02 - 2024/01
Description: In this innovative project by BOKU, Vienna University of Technology and Vienna University, we will observe the three-dimensional shape changes of cells in living leaves by combining high-resolution X-ray micro-tomography (μCT) and fluorescence microscopy. In order to take full advantage of the large data volume, new computer methods are being developed that automatically segment these images and track the change in the individual cells over time. This is intended to answer longstanding questions about stoma movements. A better understanding of the anatomical basis and the mechanical process of stoma movement will provide new approaches to regulating stomata and thus help to optimize the productivity and water consumption of plants.

Contact: Walter G. Kropatsch, Jiří Hladůvka
Researcher: TBA
Partner: BOKU, University of Vienna


Duration: 2015/01/10 - still running
Description: The aim of this project is to study the composition of image warping algorithms in order to devise a parallel solution involving image pyramids. For panorama stitching of images from multiple cameras, the images need to be warped in order to compensate for differences in perspective and to guarantee smooth transitions. We focus on decentralizing this warping process, so that it can be done inside each camera individually before assembling all images for the final panorama.

Contact: Walter G. Kropatsch, Ines Janusch
Researcher: Hanna Huber, Majid Banaeyan
Partner: Raphael Barth

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