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Image Processing Group
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Completed Projects

Augmented Inpainting of Videos with a Cache (AIV+C)

Duration: Duration: 2019/04 - 2019/08
Author: Aron Ingruber

Aim: The goal of this work was to develop a video inpainting method that produces high quality inpainting results while aiming for real-time performance.

2D tracking of Platynereis dumerilii worms during spawning

Duration: 2015/03 - 2016/12
Aim: Develop methods that enable 2D tracking of spawning worms from captured videos and extract data to quantify behaviours specified by the biologists.

Mein inverser Spiegel

Duration: 2015/01/02 2015/05/31
Artist: Elisabeth Weissensteiner
Aim: Interactive art installation using face detection and blending.


Duration: 2014/12 - 2015/02/
Funding: Reithofer & Partner
Aim: Scann and recitfy books page by page based on depth data.

I TOLD YOU - Die Realität ist dem Menschen zumutbar

Duration: 2014/02/01-2014/04/25
Funding: TEAM[:]niel (scroll right to find) further info+links
Washington Examiner - Snowden speaks through exhibition at Austrian Embassy in D.C.
monopol - Magazin für Kunst und Leben - Edward Snowden unterstützt österreichische Künstlergruppe
art - Das Kunstmagazin - Edward Snowden unterstützt Künstlergruppe
Focus - Snowden unterstützt Österreichische Künstlergruppe
Die Welt - Edward Snowden unterstützt Künstlergruppe
Futurezone - Österreichische Künstler gewinnen Snowden für Projekt
News - Österreichische Künstler mit Video-Statement von Snowden


Duration: 2011/01/03-2012/06/30
Funding: FFG - BMVIT


Duration: 2008/08/01-2011/08/01
Funding: FWF

Document analysis of CVs

Duration: 2010/06/01-2010/08/31
Funding: JoinVision GmbH

Computer Aided Bank Surveillance (CABS)

Duration: 2007/03/01-2007/10/31
Funding: Ing. Johann Schiessel - Elektronik & Computertechnik


Duration: 2007/02/01-2009/01/31
Funding: EU


Duration: 2006/03/01-2009/12/31
Funding: FWF


Duration: 2004/01/01-2008/03/31
Funding: FWF


Duration: 2004/03/01-2008/02/28
Funding: European Commission


Duration: 2004/03/01-2006/02/28
Funding: EU

Cognitive Vision

Duration: 2003/12/15-2009/12/15
Funding: FWF


Duration: 2002/08/01-2005/07/31
Funding: FWF


Duration: 2002/01/01-2004/01/01
Funding: FWF

3D Murale

Duration: 2000/11/01-2003/10/31
Funding: EU

Computer Aided Classification of Ceramics

Duration: 1999/05/01-2002/05/01
Funding: FWF

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