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Pattern Recognition

VU 186.845
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Lecturer: Walter Kropatsch, Nicole Artner, Ines Janusch

First lecture: Thursday, 01.03.2018, 09:00 - 11:00 c.t. (Ersatzraum SR Argentinierstrasse)

Ohter dates can be found in the "Introduction" slide in TUWEL.

Aim of course

After completing this lecture students will have a specific knowledge in different areas of pattern recognition and an extended repertoire for addressing challenging problems with effective methods, which enables them to understand state of the art literature, and allows them to implement new methods.

Subject of course

Covered topics are for example:

  • Feature extraction,
  • Analysis and dimensionality reduction,
  • Clustering methodologies (fuzzy clustering, Gaussian mixture models, ...)
  • Different advanced classifiers (support vector machines, neural networks,...)
  • Parameter estimation (maximum likelihood, maximum a posteriori, expectation maximization,...)
  • Classifier combination
  • Graphs, maps and grammars
  • etc


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